The Gameplay

SKYCURSER is a frantic, hard-action shoot ‘em up drawing crowds of players at arcades and across the globe. Available today as a dedicated cabinet or JAMMA conversion kit, SKYCURSER is an exciting new chapter in arcade gaming’s rich history.

The Story

The year is 1996. A cataclysmic plague descends on earth. As its infection spreads, hope fades. But you and your dog fight back. Piloting the prophetic weapon, SKYCURSER, you take flight to destroy the Necrostar’s mutant hordes and save the planet.

The Music

SKYCURSER features a bombastic synthwave soundtrack that drives the action along and gets players’ hearts pounding. Crank it up to eleven and splatter some mutant scum!

Available for free download via Soundcloud!

What Arcade Owners & Players Are Saying…

"Skycurser developed an instant following at Tappers Arcade Bar and introduced a lot of people to the shmup genre due to its amazing graphics, sound and pixel-perfect hit detection."
- Jeff Moulton: Owner, Tappers Arcade Bar

“Underground Retrocade is honored to be a prototype location and we look forward to continued development of the Airframe platform.”
– Scott Lambert: Owner, Underground Retrocade

"Skycurser feels like an amazing game from the 90s that you never knew existed. It’s like Splatterhouse in the sky!"
- Aaron Klepfer: Played on location in Indianapolis, IN

"Definitely Dope AF"
- Catilin Oliver: Splatterhouse World Record Holder

"SKYCURSER is awesome, everyone at the Galloping Ghost has been diggin’ it"
- Doc Mack: Owner, Galloping Ghost Arcade

"SKYCURSER is a living, breathing, retro arcade game. A montage of every artistic flair that caught our eye back in the day."
- Chris Delp: Community Manager, Free Play Arcade