The Gameplay

RASHLANDER is an unyielding, “lunar lander-style” arcade game about scraping past gravity-heavy asteroids and distorted spacetime in a fragile, unfueled lander, while trying to avoid incinerating your crew.

The Story

Your terraforming research team is on the run. GovCorp agents are closing in. An assortment of interns and postdocs scramble aboard the escape rocket and start flipping switches–without a pilot. Finally, the botanist locates the ignition, but without a navigator aboard, the warp station pads seem impossibly out of reach. “LOW FUEL” begins flashing on every holodisplay across the ship. What a foolish plan. “Become a scientist,” the guidance counselor had told you. “You might save the planet,” she had smiled.

The Music

RASHLANDER features a variety of fuzzy synth jams from the maestros at Fat Bard. The soundtrack was carefully crafted to follow along with the creeping panic the players feels as they progress through the game.

Available on Bandcamp!